Friday 29 November 2013

P3 M1 D1 For Unit 2 - Working int he IT industry

Good morning year 12

This is the last task for this second unit.  P3 is clearly linked to M1 and D1 so get them all done before the deadline date

P3 Explain the characteristics required for a specific job role deadline 4/12/13

  • To achieve this task you need to select a specific job role.  Pick one that you are interested in from the research around P2
  • Explain in detail the characteristics required for this job.  This relates to those discussed in P1

To gain a Merit you must have completed all the PASS criteria first

M1 Explain why certain characteristics are important for a specific job role deadline 11/12/13

  • To gain the merit you need to show both understanding and as well as knowledge when providing evidence for this task.
  • You need to explain WHY the characteristics you have identifies and highlighted in P3 are important.
  • The characteristics should cover job related  and general attributes and attitudes 

To gain a distinction you need to have passed all the PASS and MERIT criteria first

D1 Justify a a choice of an appropriate job role for a given set of employee characteristics deadline 18/12/13

  • For this final task you need to suggest a job role suitable for a given set of employee characteristics.
  • This may be combined with P1. 
  • Alternatively you may choose to devise your own set of characteristics for this unit either way you need to give valid reasons for your choice of job job.

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