Monday 21 October 2013

Fancy an internship at Oxford Universities SAID Business School

Dear All

there is a fantastic opportunity to spend some of this years holidays working alongside the biggest Enterprise Association in the world.  Oxford Entrepreneurs are now based in Oxford Universities SAID Business school.

Oxford Entrepreneurs operate an incubator process for potential entrepreneurs to develop their business start up initiative.  They have access to all the tools of Oxford University and the experts who deliver on the MBA programme.  They also network you to people in the industry who might just have the missing piece of the jigsaw to make the enterprise a viable one and they also have contacts with regard to finance.

Your role is to support the entrepreneurs in getting set up, doing the research and if you can write code, design Apps and websites to show what the business is able to do.

What better way to develop your personal learning and thinking skills whilst getting that valuable internship experience that can be a big discussion point on your university application form, CV and UCAS personal statement for the rest of your life.

The following documents will fast track your application:
Once you have read the above the link here will allow you to fill in the on line questionnaire. 

DON'T PRESS SEND when you have completed the form. Alternatively email this document to

Once you have done that just get your parents or carers to email or write to either Mr Peters or Mr Thompson confirming their consent.  Job done!

If you haven't already applied for this for the October half term why not apply for the Christmas holiday's.  Alternatively you could request that you work along the entrepreneurs once a week between 4pm and 6pm or every Saturday!

Good luck and enjoy.  So far sixteen young people from year 12 and 13 have taken advantage of the opportunity so why don't you

Mr T

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