Thursday 4 September 2014

Unit 1 Communicating in the IT Industry

Good Morning Year 12

this will be the first assignment for this short course of two GCSE's

lets get it sorted!

Some articles in the news will support you with this

  • BBC report on small towns and villages in Yorkshire
Discussion for P6 - understand the impact IT has had on our society

Do we really understand the impact IT has had on:

  • individuals - young children, teenagers, academics, adults and retired people 
  • the local community and 
  • society as a whole
Q. Does everyone have equal access to it? Why? What disadvantages does this bring? What are the implications locally, regionally and nationally of this?

Q. What different working practices does the introduction of IT allow?
Q. Does the development of IT bring any challenges or difficulties in terms of abuse, theft, bullying and how does society deal with this or does it?

Looking forward to seeing you all shine this year !

Mr T

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