Monday 8 July 2013

Storage Devices and connectivity

Good morning year 9 IT

  • Did Mr West get ripped off buying his external hard drive at the weekend?

  • How do we compare this to other storage devices available on the market?

Well by the end of this lesson you should be able to answer that question and many more on storage devices and connectivity.  Remember this is in the unit 1 exam next January so do well.

You will be given a set of 'Top Trump Card' templates and your challenge is to research the answers before you go off and play the game.

The following links may help with your research to complete your cards

Solid state drive
Cloud storage
Optical disk drive (DVD)
Flash memory cards
Magnetic storage media
Apple iphone
Pen drive
Optical disk (CD)


Mrs Croft is about to confirm her order for the new computers but needs to know weather she should buy solid state hard drives or magnet disk drives.  Describe to her the advantages and disadvantages of both and help her make a decision with your recommendation and justification. Email your response to MrT before next lesson on Friday 12th July 2013

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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