Monday 8 June 2015

P2 Be able to complete a career plan identifying development needs

Good Morning year 12

Sadly I wont be able to be with you on Monday so use the time wisely and nail P2.  If you can get it out of the way before half term you will have more time for revision and exams after and might even be able to treat yourself to a few days having fun with your friends during the holiday.

The assessment criteria: is asking you to 'create an initial career plan which identifies your development needs.  This will be a working document and subject to change as you continue to research into your original career choices.  It is important that you understand that the short term is year 13 and finishing off your A2's and L3 courses.  The medium term is the following three years and the long term is that first job and the training you plan to sign up too that will go with it

This assignment is in two parts.  
  • First you need to identify your development needs by doing some type of analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and anything that currently threatens your development i.e. confidence, literacy, language, obsession for sporting activities?
  • Then we need to develop a career development plan for which you can use your own template or mine.
Part 1 - Identifying your skill development needs

A useful starting point is to carry out a self-assessment (SWOT) of yourself. This could
include your knowledge, interests, leisure activities, qualifications, skills and competences. This would generate an initial development/action plan linked to personal and career objectives. Self and personal development might include maintaining a learning diary/log, progress review documentation and records of meetings with others such as careers officers, employers, tutors or staff from voluntary organisations.

A SWOT ANALYSIS of yourself is a great place to start the personal statement writing

In business we look at the SWOT analysis of an idea before we progress it.  Looking at your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you face once identified can be areas to develop.  You can then take the SWOT analysis and write a short PERSONAL STATEMENT similar to what you would use on a CV or UCAS application.  Let me see both when they are completed. You may find the following websites helpful to get yourself SWOTTING:

Part 2 - Creating my career development plan

You can use P2 on Monday to search for a 'career development plan' to complete P2. Alternatively you can use the one I have attached above unless you all agree and share with me a much better example!

More useful websites to stimulate and inspire you:

Good luck & shout if you need anything

Mr T 

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