Thursday 21 November 2013

2.6 Marketing Mix and the element - Promotion

10/10 Key Terms
  1. Banners - an internet advert shown on another firms website
  2. Advertising - communications to consumers to encourage them to buy a product. 
  3. Flyers - Printed paper documents to quickly bring something to the attention of others.
  4. Personal selling - employing a person to visit potential customers to persuade them to buy your goods or services.
  5. Direct mail - sending promotional material directly to consumers 
  6. Word of mouth recommendations - getting consumers to talk to their friends and family about your product of service.   
  7. Websites - many businesses now have their own website to provide information about their business to consumers.
  8. Posters - printed sheets designed to bring the product or service to the attention of existing or new customers and includes the product name, price, any promotion and where you can purchase the item.
  9. Pop ups - an internet advert that 'pops up' in a new window when visiting another companies website.
  10. A.I.D.A. An acronym that stands for attention, interest, desire, action and is used to explain the two half's of promotion activity.
In the news Ryan Air and Easy Jet c 

Promoting a product how well did Levi Roots do click here

Above and below the line

Small businesses

Did you know? Some p

Group activity


Web based activity

  • The marketing mix is the m 

Quick Quiz 14 Marketing mix elements and promotion
  1. Describe 'above the line' promotion.
  2. Describe 'below the line' promotion.
  3. Name the two parts to promotion
  4. Name three sponsored events
  5. Name the three main factors that make for a suitable promotion
  6. What is meant by 'reach'?
  7. Give one benefit from advertising in a local newspaper.
  8. Why are postcodes important to a small business?
  9. How would a business judge if a promotion had been effective?
  10. What does AIDA stand for?

Nine mark questions


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