Sunday 9 December 2012


You will continue to design your leaflet / flyer for Oxford Spires Academy's PFA so for homework this week you need to start to plan your:
  • Front cover - next weeks lesson
  • Additional pages and images - rest of terms lesson
  • Adding suitable text and contact details - last weeks of terms lesson
Lesson Objectives - creating the front cover for my flyer
By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
  • identify elements of good and bad design
  • Evaluate your own wok to check it meets the criteria that you have been given
Elements to include in a front cover:

  • Title
  • Logo (designed last week)
  • Date and issue number ( Issue 1 December 2012)
  • Picture or pictures (logos of all the companies that you have donating to the schools PFA)
  • Slogan or strapline for your charity.  Whats the strapline for OSA?
  • Website address for charity fundraising donations - see the good cause below:
Main activity - create front cover for your charitable fundraising flyer
For guidance and instructions for this section of the flyer see pages 45 - 46 of the core text.

Take all your marked class work and marked homework and display it in your IT note books
For those who cant remember the order that you did the work use the checklist below:
  • Why is IT important?
  • Why do we need usernames and passwords
  • Intro to word processing - My letter to Mrs Croft
  • Advanced word processing
  • Simple rules
  • e-safety
  • Key terms test
  • Legitimate websites
  • Presentation - whats great about where I live (up my street)
  • My charitable flyer logo OSA / PFA
  • Front page of the flyer
Gosh haven't you done a lot!


Mr T

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