Sunday 16 September 2012

Starting a business and setting business aims and objectives

Good morning year 9

Some of you could become entrepreneurs and will be
considering combining making money with other 
objectives.  The government is desperate to encourage
people young and old to set business and has put over 
£2.5bn for investment see here  This little video clip might 
get you thinking here
Your task to think of a business that you would like to set 
up or a business that you know that would benefit from a
clear mission statement, aims and objectives.

This could be a business that you know has recently 
opened and has no aims and objectives or a business
that you know is being considered being launched 
through Business Link or Young Enterprise.  Click here 
and here.

How difficult does it have to be....

Attached is a worksheet to help you get going click here
You company name
Your own logo
Your aim for the business in its first year & why this aim is so important
Your objectives for the business that are driving this aim forwards
Your vision or mission statement that reflect your values and beliefs
Enjoy and do well - I am hoping that we will be able to get 
some of these ventures of the ground by Christmas
The new TV series 'Be your own boss' started last week.  
Watch the first episode here and pick and idea that you 
think will be successful and say why and one that you 
think will fail and say why by next lesson

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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