Monday 10 September 2012

Spotting opportunities and taking the risk

What's my attitude to risk and reward

  • Q. Do I have an enterprising mindset?
  • Q  What is my attitude to risk and uncertainty? click here if you have never thought about it
  • Q. Can I identify gaps in the market? click here to get you thinking
  • Q. Can I recognise business ideas? click here for a prompt.
  • Q. Can I recognise a business opportunity? struggling to answer click here
  • Q. What start up failures do I know about and why did they fail?
  • Q. What start up successes do I know about and why did they succeed?
  • Q. How do you calculate risk? Never thought about well do now and click here

To understand this I would like you to spend a little time getting to know your own mindset better and I have created several activity tests and subscribed to software packages for you to use.  See below how your personality is rated 
  1. Connexions Kudos - online set up yourself an account using password ideanews52
  2. Skills audit - written
  3. Personality test - online
  4. 360 degree appraisal 
  5. Myers Briggs
PLTS passport evidence -  Independent enquiry & effective participants

You can also collect evidence and track your progress in the areas above as displayed over the window in M1.  They include:

  • Independent enquirer
  • Team player
  • Reflective learner
  • Creative thinker
  • Confident individual
  • Self manager     
use the link here to find out more and click her to asses your level

As we only have two lessons a week anything that you don't manage to get done will need to be completed as homework.  Completed activities can be saved to your user area in a folder titled Unit 1 The Enterprise Mindset or printed out and kept in your class notes folder.
I hope you enjoy this unit as much as I enjoy delivering it.


Look at the The Peter Jones Mindset by clicking here then complete the attached written skills  Skills audit here.  


Mr T

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