Wednesday 16 May 2012

P4 Business Communications

Good morning year 12
How should you present corporate communications
Well we are moving at a pace.  For P4 I want you to find an example of a real external corporate communication from your selected business and evaluate it as a means of corporate communication.  This could be an advert they have produced, a poster, a leaflet, an advertisement or a u-tube clip.  It may also be an endorsement by another company or a sponsorship deal that they have undertaken.

Your SURVEY should evaluate the following:
  • Professionalism
  • Immediate impact
  • Whether memorable or not
  • If the communication is in keeping with the image of the organisation
  • How effectively it uses its logo, strapline, corporate style, mission statement, values and beliefs
Suggestion on how to carry out the task
  1. Perhaps you should start by reading pg 135-137 of the core text on How do you present corporate communication.   
  2. Then create a questionnaire based on the criteria suggested using google docs - forms by clicking here or survey monkey by clicking here
  3. Survey an appropriate audience (someone who the corporate publication is targeted at
  4. Analyse the data and present the information in a suitable format - google docs will do this automatically for you.
  5. Evaluate what the information s telling you and add what you think using the information that you have collected to justify your comments.
Click here for a little resource that might help you get started.  Am I good to you or what?

Think that should get you a PASS4P4 !

Well done and thanks for being such a fab class

Mr T 

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