Thursday 19 April 2012

The Big Project

Good Morning year 11 BAFters

well as promised here we are.  All the last four units done and dusted and the marks need to be sent to the exam board by 30th April.  For those of you who have still to add or finish let me remind you what these units are::
  • Unit 4   (G.C.)
  • Unit 5   Business Administration & Teams       (G.C. / T.T.)
  • Unit 6   (G.C)
  • Unit 7   Success at Work                                (T.T.)
Now for the BIG PROJECT.  Mr Coakley had created you a template 
here so that you can complete it about your own big project:
  • The OSA online shop
  • Enterprise for Primary Schools
  • Grease Promotion, flyers, posters, blog and ticket branding
The evidence for assessment will need to include:
  • the completed Production Log including the Project Proposal Form
  • a written report
  • evidence , as appropriate, depending on the topic or subject area chosen e.g. an artefact, or recording
  • the final presentation.
Hope you have enjoyed working on this once in a lifetime qualification as much as we have enjoyed delivering it.

Enjoy and best wishes

Mr T

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