Friday 23 March 2012

Event Planning

Good afternoon year 11,

Event planning is a massive activity and more and more people get other organisations to plan their big wedding, retirement party and corporate Christmas party. However with some strategic planning and a reliable checklist to support you everyone can take on their own event and succeed.  An events checklist can be found here.

For LO3 you are required to make effective contributions to a team in order to achieve your event objectives.

Task read the event checklist and consider the following questions below for LO3

My Role in the event is....
  1. What role will you play in the event? Why this role?
  2. What will you take responsibility for in the planning stage?
  3. What performance targets will you set your team to measure the success of the event?
  4. What will you take responsibility for in the execution of the event? Why this?
  5. What role will you play in the evaluation of the event ? and Why?
Have a great Easter holiday and see you for a couple of weeks next term.

Remember any outstanding work for the previous unit should be with me by Wednesday 28th March if you wish to improve your grades on unit 7.

Well done and good luck

Mr T 

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