Friday 24 February 2012

Unit 5 Business Admin & Teams

Hi year 11

Well we have started the final unit of the course and I am tasked at delivering the theory for learning outcome 2
'Know the health and safety requirement relevant to the business environment'

You might wish to start here at the HSE website.  The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for ensuring compliance across all sectors in the UK and can be found at the link here

Any company with more than 4 employees should have a Health and Safety Policy and written statement and example of what it should contain can be found here

The Health & Safety at Work Act ensures that everyone is responsible for the health and safety of each other in the work place and no one can ignore things that they see which are not safe. The details of the act can be found here

Health and safety has massive cost implications on a business however the cost of non compliance could be greater if an employee trips or is seriously injured or killed.  The cost of fines, compensation and reputation will soon outstrip the cost of compliance for those offenders.

Safe and secure offices will also prevent crime see video clip here

Assignment Activity
As Health and safety officer at Google's Head Office in London you have been asked to design a checklist that would be used by all section heads on a monthly basis to consider how safe their work space is and identify what needs to be reported. The checklist should be very comprehensive and include all sections of the company's health and safety policy.

Identify a policy 
Identify a policy / procedure for reporting hazards or potential accidents that need to be addressed when they are identified by the monthly Health and Safety checklist.

Once youve had a good read and are confident with the topic why not click here and take the online test


Mr T

Download a fun activity to see if you can spot the HAZARDS here

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