Monday 20 February 2012

Level 3 Certificate for Young Enterprise

Hi Year 12

as discussed this is it a leaflet on this new opportunity designed for those in sixth form who are keen to find an opportunity to gain extra CAT points for Un.  A link to the resources from OCR and probably the best starting point to get your head around the 93 guided learning hours of study that you are looking to take on independently.  First things first you need to:

  • Register with the YE Company through Mr Edwards
  • Register with the exam board through Mr Coakley
  • Have a look at the 'Unit of study by clicking the link here
  • Have a look at last years 'Case Study' by clicking the link here
  • Have a look at 2010s 'Exam Paper' and mark sheet by clicking the link here
  • Have a look at the '2011 Annual Report'  to see how the candidates did by clicking the link here
Remember the following deadlines:

The exam entry is 10th April 2012
The Exam for this year is on the 8th May 2012
This years Pre released case study is available from the 28th March 2012 click here as its arrived early


Read last years case study and find out what the specific responsibilities are of the key board directors listed in the case study and explain what they think of their own 'Market Research' to date.

Good luck and enjoy and see you second break on Wednesday

Mr T

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