Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Finale

Morning Year 13

I attach the spec for the final unit 'Starting a Small Business' in the hope that everything you have done so far can come together like a jigsaw puzzle with this unit being the last piece.

Click here and see the spec so we can finally get something started and proposed to our Princpal and even implemented with 12 weeks to go before your finished.

Looking forward to working with you and Mr Coakley as we team teach this last unit together.

Lets leave the Academy with something to remember you by !

How lucky are we !

Today's Main Task
Agree a business start up idea that will support the needs and wants of OSA students and staff and agree specific responsibility that you are happy to manage within the team

Find a suitable business plan template that you think you can work with, HSBC, Barlacy's would be the obvious choices to look at but remember what Peter Jones says about the 90 days rule of thumb

Mr T

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