Thursday 23 February 2012

Learning Outcome
  1. To analyse the benefits of customer service to a start up business (Paper 1)
  2. To understand the components that contribute to EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (Paper 1)
Key Terms
  • Exceptional or WORLD CLASS customer service 
  • After sales service
  • Product reliability & design
  • Premises
First Task
Decide how you will underpin your knowledge for today's lesson - by doing so you are building your learning power.  You may choose to use a traditional text book as there is nothing wrong with that if your an auditory learner.  You might like to use the e-resources if your a visual learner or you might like to get a team of people together and collaborate your preparation and planning to create your best 9 mark article in the big task below if your a kinesthetic learner

Resources available 24/7
  • DoingBusinesswithMrT 
  • AQA Business Studies core text pg's 112-115 for Paper 1 theory the e-resources that you have now started using online by clicking the link below:
Second task 
Read pages 116 to the top of 120 in your core text books

Third task
Class discussion  'the best customer service I have experienced in the last 6 weeks' 

Fourth Task
Identify the elements of World Class Customer Service using the links below

What does this company do well ?

Consistency and Reliability is the key !

Fifth Task
Note taking - 

  • Customer service - what is it? and how can we describe it?
  • What contributes and influences the customer service experience?
  • What are the benefits to World Class Customer service
Sixth task
Introducing the nine mark question which provides 27/60 marks in both paper one and paper 2

Item A
The Little Proper Job Cup Cake Company is perhaps bigger than its name suggests.  It employs 40 people, making a range of cakes and cookies that it supplies to small grocers throughout Oxfordshire.  The company charges high prices for its luxury products.  It is successful and its sales are growing.  The company's factory uses batch production to manufacture cakes and biscuits.  The company's owners are keen that they should achieve efficient production as this offers a lot of benefits to the business.  The owners are also keen to improve the level of customer service provided by the company

Discuss the methods that might be used to improve the customer service offered by the Proper Job Cup Cake Company  (9 marks)

Where do we start?
A nine mark question looks for us to be able to ANALYSE and EVALUATE and rewards us accordingly with 21/60 marks in the exam.  These skills we need to develop for Paper 1.

Analysis is easily described by looking at the commentary after a football match or girls discussing a night out.  It can be summed up by saying on the one hand and on the other hand and creating a discussion based on the facts.

What does the Item context give you
The item is written to provide 'hooks' for you to hang your answer on.  AO1 marks are given for your ability to use key terms ans show your knowledge.  AO2 marks are given for the way you ANALYSE the mini case study and APPLY it to your answer.  Applying it to the answer does not mean simply dropping in the name of the business you need to put it into context of the case study.

Stretch and challenge worksheet - click here

  1. Complete the 9 mark question based on the planning we did in class.  Due in Tuesday 28th 2012
Good luck and enjoy Paper 1 is on Tuesday 22nd May at Noon 

Mr T

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