Thursday 2 February 2012

The culture of companies, management hierarchies and their organisational structures

A growing business needs to organise itself, it may need more managers as well as more junior staff and create functional areas.  As it grows the busienss objectives will change and the job roles of its people will evolve with it.  Workers will get specific responsibilites linked to the company objectives so that their performance can be managed.  Business owners may also need to change the way that tehy manage their business which will ultimately allow junior managers to take on more responsibility.  By the end of these next TWO lessons you will know:
  • the internal organisational structures that a business may use
  • why growing busienesses may use centralisation or decentralisation. 
Key Terms - Pages 201-204 of core text book
  • Internal organisational chart or structures
  • Line manager
  • Tall organisational structure
  • Flat organisational structure
  • Levels of hierarchy
  • Span of control
Main task 
Identify a small local business and consider its organisational structure, this might be a work experience placement or part time job or family business. Q. Why is this structure adequate for this type of business? Discuss with the class

Now consider the organisational structure of OSA.  Q.How is it different ? How has it changed since the new Principal has arrived? What does the structure allow to happen ? What is the main aim and objective of OSA and does the organisational structure allow for this to be achieve?  Click here to pull down the OSA organisational structure.

Q. Can anyone identify the different job roles ?
  • Note-taker pack and topic test for this subject can be found here
Topic test best business brain competition - Organisational structures

For those who failed to get a 'C' or above in last weeks end of unit Marketing test your resit will be next Thursday in P2 and the PASS mark will increase from 60% to 75% so revise or look silly when I write home to your folks over half term! Controlled assessment FINAL deadline is Friday 10th February 2012
Peperation for next lesson - click here

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