Thursday 26 January 2012

Deciding on the right distribution channel - 4P's Place

Hi Year 11

With assessment point three decisions committed to your report you may be shocked to know that I have RAG rated all bar two of you as RED or at risk of failing if you do not start to learn and understand the KEY TERMS for each topic.  They give you confidence, allow you to write less in exams and get more marks and not to mention they win you prices!

Today we are going to finish the last lesson on advanced marketing and the 4P's and focus on the distribution channel or place at which we decide to operate our business.


We will carry out a mini role play as a class and then focus on capturing notes before we test our knowledge and understanding with a work sheet.  To carry out the role play each table will become one of the following:

  1. Producer or manufacturer
  2. Wholesaler
  3. Retailer 
  4. Customer
Each retailer will need to find a supply chain and use their own IDEA and skills of negotiation to identify and source that supply chain to get to market and find your customers.  You can decide what you wish to be and who you wish to supply you but consider this. 

  • Are you going to set your business up for a direct fact to face and why or
  • Are you going to deal direct with the customer and how will you do this and why ?             

and make sure you can answer these questions and explain how you did it ?
  • Questions you will all be asked are:
  • What is a distribution channel? 
  • What is a wholesaler? 
  • What is a retailer? 
  • What is direct marketing?
Worksheet on distribution (PLACE) click here
Worksheet for location of a growing business click here

Intermediaries and levels of distribution are also something you should be able to talk about in paper 2.  Click the link here to see this little U Tube clip

Worksheet on E-commerce click here
Worksheet on International Marketing click here

Final Activity -  see OSA press article in Oxford Mail last night here
You are the Sales Director of Dimensions and have created an amazing product which is highly profitable and yet no one is buying from your stand.  You know how important it is to get distribution channels right and local press coverage has created an interest in your business so you seriously need to consider selecting the right channel of distribution that considers, COST, CONVENIENCE, CONTROL, IMAGE and PRODUCT or (PICCC) What do you suggest that the year 12 L2 Young Enterprise company DIMENSIONS do for 9 marks?

Complete 'controlled assessment' by half term and
For those who need to re-sit the marketing topic test be ready to get 75% in the re-sit during the last week of term.  Reports will go home soon after so make sure you do whats suggested to guarantee your success in GCSE 'business studies'

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