Friday 9 December 2011

Unit 7 Success at Work - Interview Success

Hi year 11

this is the final furlong of your controlled assessment and I am pleased to say that one of you BAFter's have successfully completed it.  Perhaps you might like Charlie to coach you to a successful completion also. See him here on You Tube above.

I have attached a few goodies to the blog page to help you check that your prepared.  These include:
  • A witness statement
  • Interview panel questions
  • Self evaluation sheet or SWOT analysis on your performance
  • A wee website for those who need a job description or people spec or don't have a Scooby Doo clue of what types of jobs you are thinking about doing !
Don't forget to make sure that you have:
  • Your covering letter and CV
  • A real completed job application form
  • A job description and person specification for your chosen career job role.
Think that's all folks

Ill give you some feedback next week so you can make any corrections to your:
  1. Careers Booklet ' Success at Work' remember the best one will be forwarded to Connexion to print.
  2. Your 'Career Development Plan'

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