Monday 12 December 2011

Distinctions & Merits in Unit 1

Hi year 9

More news since Friday about the role of the government for P5 with our Prime Minister choosing not to sign up to Europe's multi billion Euro bail out of the 26 EURO countries without any safeguards of the UK financial services sector.  Use it or loose it

As you are all well aware we are teaching to DISTINCTION AND MERIT grades for those that ASPIRE to them and those of you who are targeted to achieve them.

To get a MERIT you need to take the PASS levels and:

  • Write and article that compares and contrasts TWO of your chosen businesses that you discussed in P1&P2 with particular focus on 'Purpose and Ownership'
  • Compare the 'Growth and Decline' of the sectors of the economy you discussed in P3 using references to scale in relation to employees or revenue generated.

To get a DISTINCTION you need to PASS the MERIT criteria above and then:

  • Write a very precise evaluation of how an organisation has responded to changes in the business environment.  For this it might be best to consider a particular example such as Blockbusters or BMW.
Well that's all folks.  One whole term down and one unit in the bag.  Remember this is the first of three units before we launch into the GCSE and your enterprising two years ahead.

Good luck and well done for keeping up with it all

Mr T

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