Monday 5 December 2011

Achieving P5 and aspiring beyound a PASS

Good morning year 9

as promised we are now all ready to tackle P5 and in your magazine
'explain the characteristics of the local business environement' 

There are TWO MERIT tasks and ONE DISTICTION TASK - see assignment attached.  If you are targeted for an A or A* this is what you should be working towards.  If your targeted a B you should at least tackle the MERIT work.  I have updated the blog marksheet with your work to date.

You have been asked by a family friend to research why they should relocate their business from Europe.  They have a thriving RESTAURANT business in MALTA but family in the UK are not well and they may soon need to take care of them but the wife who is SPANISH will need tempting to move to the UK

Task 1
Working in groups carry out the following tasks:

  • Use the UKTI website and click here to find out SIX reasons why the UK is a good place in which to do business. Then investigate the characteristics of the business environment of your own area of Oxford.  This means identify the range and types of businesses that operate there, the types of markets they serve, any important trends in those markets and any important trends in those markets and which sectors of industry are growing and declining. This local Oxford City Council web page of STATISTICS and data should help so click here and open the Oxford Profile Key Facts 2012 PDF better still why not use this years key facts by clicking HERE

  • Then carry out a regulations checklist on the Busienss Link website to identify examples of the laws and regulations that your family friend must comply with if she is to bring her restaurant business back to the UK. Provide your own answers to the supplementary questions that the website may ask such as, will the restaurant play music or provide an outside seating area etc.  Click here

  • Then on your OWN prepare a convincing argument why your friend should relocate their business to your region of the UK including an explanation of the characteristics of your local business environment. Then email it .  You can either include your argument in your email or send them as a separate attachment.

You could always present your argument to the class and vote on which group would be most likely to persuade your family friend to leave Malta and relocate back to the UK  .

That's it Unit 1 delivered and ready for you to get the grade that matches your target grade.  
Well done and good luck your all fab

Happy Monday

Mr T

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