Monday 7 November 2011

P4 - Part 1 'Outline the role of the government in creating the business climate

Good morning you lovely learners,

today we are going to focus on getting stuck into the second half of this unit which we WILL finish by Christmas.  We cannot answer this question unless we know how much it costs to run the UK.

  • You have two ways to find this out.  Hidden in the walls of this classroom is a poster that will clearly tell you what the cost of this was in 2007-2008.  I have also posted a photo of this to my blog just click on the photos and print your own copy. The data for 2008-2009 can be found on a poster here.  Has the amount it costs to run the country INCREASED OR DECREASED and say by how much in your article.
  • Secondly and more importantly since the government changed in May 2010 from Labour to the Lib Dem Coalition has this cost increased or decreased.  For this you will need to do some research.  Whats your gut feel? Then see if your correct.
You can then start to think about writing up this article for your magazine.  If I was doing it I would probably call this my introduction or title it 'The four pillars of society'  These include:

  • Healthcare provided free through the NHS
  • Education - provided free through state education, grammar schools, academies and now free schools
  • Defence - provided free through the Army and Emergency Services
  • Welfare - provided as a safety net for those who cannot support themselves in the short or long term
That's it you have made a start on P4.  Email me anything that you would like me to look at an remember pg 19-32 in the core text will support you through this as will this website link here.  Click on theory notes and then BTEC Firsts Certificate 

Good luck well done and Happy Eid to those that might need to pick up this link by email later today.

Mr T

P.s. As requested the copy of the assignment you asked for last monday

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