Wednesday 15 June 2011

Functional Areas Revisited

Good morning year 12.

The deadline for the completion of all the three units is 5th July so for those who have finished the finance unit I have posted some resources to help you complete the P4 & P5 assignments from unit 2.

Rememeber you need to be able to clearly explain what the functional areas in a business do and then apply these areas to the business examples in the assignment i.e. BBC and Sainsbury's.

Click the link here and go to unit 1 section 4 for some more notes on functional areas.

These two activities will also help you remember what you have done before and support your evidence creation for this assignment.

Functional areas questions and answers

Matching up functional areas 

The assignment is attached here for those who are working towards MERIT and DISTINCTION grades and dont forget that P4 can be supported by the core text page 47 - 59 and P5 using pages 60 - 62. 

Good luck and well done

Mr T

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