Friday 6 May 2011

Unit 4 People in Organisations

Morning year 10

Todays lesson will be based around organisational structures in fact we have a guest speaker who will be coming to talk to you about the new organisational structure that was created for the Oxford Spires Academy .  This is a good opportunity to take notes so that you can use this as one of your TWO examples for P2 of the current assignment.

The overall assignment is attached here so download it and print it off.  You might notice that the deadlines are now on  a Wednesday !

P1 & P2  Template Investigating job roles

The following web addresses may be helpful in investigating different job roles and organisational structures if you choose not to use the OSA Academy:

other web refences can be found on the rear pages of the assignment above.
The deadline for P1 is Wendnesday 11th May 2011 and P2 is Wednesday 18th May

Good luck

Mr T

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