Wednesday 18 May 2011

Plan - Do - Review - Unit 4 People in Organisations

Good afternoon year 10

You now have all you need to complete:

P1 Job Roles & functions in business and heres a Template should you need it to help your collate the information form your investigations. Another great web site is which will help you identify different roles, the pay that can be expected for taking on such jobs and the type of responsibilities a candidate might expect.  You might also wish to show the location of the job and the company offering the position.

P2 Investigating organisational structures.  You have created one of OSA based on our guest speaker Sandra Jaggers so choose an alternative structure, tall hierarchical, flat hierarchical, functional or matrix.  Read more here

The following web addresses may be helpful in investigating different job roles and organisational structures if you choose not to use the OSA Academy:

P3 Expects you to create a job description and person specification for a position of your choice but preferably something that you might be tempted to apply for.  The websites below will help in the construction of these:

Click here for job descriptions
Click here for advice on  people specifications
Click here for advice on writing job adverts
Click here for advice on completing an application form

The overall assignment is attached here so download it and save it to your user area. 
You might have noticed that the deadlines are now on  a Wednesday !  The deadline for P1 was Wendnesday 11th May 2011 and P2 was Wednesday 18th May.  Well done Devon for hitting both your an inspiration

Other web refences can be found on the rear pages of the assignment above.

Good luck and enjoy next term will be for mopping up loos ends honest !

Mr T

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