Monday 17 March 2014

B2 Understand the tools business use to plan for success - cash-flow forecasting

Hi year 10

This week we will look at the business tool cash-flow forecasting.  You will need to know:


  • What the purpose of a cash-flow forecast is - identifying the money that should be coming into the business (inflows) and the money going out of the business (outflows) over a period of time,
  • Be able to identify inflows and outflows
  • Be able to explain the purpose of a cash-flow forecast and how it identifies the flow of cash through an business over a period of time
  • Understand the sources of cash coming into the business (inflows)
  • Understand the sources and destination of cash leaving the business (outflows)
  • Identify the timings of inflows and outflows
  • Understand the benefits of using cash-flow forecasts to plan for success in a business (e.g. to produce new goods and services, invest in new resources, expand / reduce activities) and explain the associated risks to businesses of not completing a cash flow forecast.
  • Compare a cash flow forecast from given information, showing individual and total inflows, individual and total outflows, net inflows and outflows and opening and closing balances.
  • Analyse a business' finances based on cash-flow information and identify possible issues for the business from any cash surplus or deficit 

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