Wednesday 14 November 2018

Global Enterprise Week is Busines Challenge Week at Imberhorne School

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Venue: Conference Room

The wonderful world of business finance & banking
Our very own Mrs Goss and Mr Batsford take you into the wonderful world of finance, including banking and investments, and the vital role that this sector plays in the economy and the successful careers that it can offer.  

Mr Batsford worked in the City for over 20 years, starting on the graduate training scheme at Citibank, moving to Barclays Global Investors, then M&G Investments before changing career to become a teacher. He held a variety of roles including quantitative analyst, fund manager and client-facing investment director. He is a firm advocate of the financial services sector and the vital role it plays in the UK economy.
Mrs Goss took a slightly different route.  With the option to take a degree in business finance or take up the offer of an apprenticeship she chose the latter and developed her fantastic skill set on the job.  In her own words "I never looked back" o for those not sure if University is for them why not listen again to the words of wisdom on the video clip below above and take up the challenge below.  You never know the company might make you an unconditional offer and take you on after your A levels or GCSE's

Challenge: Research a sector that you would like to work in, banking, accountancy or investments and then find a Higher Apprentice vacancy and apply for it!

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