Monday 12 November 2018

Global Enterprise Week 2018 - Linking curriculum learning to careers

Thinking of a career in Engineering STEM Ambassador Dr Nikolaos
Demiridis would like to inspire you into the how and why!  

Nikolaos’s background in his own words: “Hello! I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (MICE CEng), Project Management Professional (PMP®) with extensive cross-functional experience in the engineering and delivery of integrated rail systems - from tramways and metros, to high speed mainline and heavy haul railways. My experience has been gained through exposure within both the industry and academia, including applied research & development. Railways and engineering are only two of my passions; which, obviously, I turned both into a profession! Naturally a bit of a restless spirit, I am always on the lookout for a new challenge, as long as it helps to push my boundaries a bit further each time! I enjoy mentoring and coaching younger professionals and have been leading diverse teams internationally for more than ten years now and assisting fellow engineers with their professional development. For me, promoting STEM is promoting a sustainable future for the next generations, the ones we borrowed from the world we live in and enabling them to make it better.” He currently works as an Associate Technical Director for Arcadis UK Ltd.

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