Thursday 18 October 2018

Company Programme Week 3 Meeting 3 - Brainstorming and shortlidting ideas

Chair for Meeting 3:    Avi & Macey
Minutes and Agenda:  Judit

Agenda for meeting 3 and Milestone 3 Video

Resources to support meeting 3
  1. Operating framework
  2. Researching ideas
  3. Brainstorming product and service ideas - If you could travel into the future
  4. Considering sustainable ideas
  5. Evaluating ideas
  6. Eliminating ideas
  7. Shortlisting ideas
  8. Product and service research form
  9. Review meeting 3

Urgent business
  • Agree on a company name
  • Agree on the status of company - social enterprise or for profit
  • Raise share capital
  • The first deadline is the submission of a business plan by mid-November example here and a blank template here
Have a great half term and stay safe

Mr T

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