Thursday 9 November 2017

Yr 13 L3 - Imberhornes Finest - Test 2 Term 2

Dear World Class Ready learners in BTEC Business L3

here is the next end of topic test and the answers here

and the practice activity that goes with it here and the answers here
Enjoy and show off how great you are

Mr T

Double learning

Use the following assessment criteria:

Part 1 written test
Raw score out of 17
Percentage out of 17
Distinction 13+
Merit 12/17 = 70%
Pass = 9/17 = 53%

Feedback not failure

Part 2 Practical test

half a mark for correct monthly sales revenue
1 mark for share investment
1 mark for correct loan inflow
1/2 mark for each total recipt = max 6m
1/2 mark for each vat received = 6m
1/2 mark for each vat paid = 6m
1m for each VAT difference = 3m
1/2 m for each purchase entry = 6m
1m for each other eaul monthly entry = 1m per line
1m for ech VAT paid to HMRC = 3m

Total marks = 50

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