Tuesday 24 January 2017

P3 M1 D1 Unit 2 Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation

Dear Year 12

This next piece of coursework will require you to write a script for an article that you will record on camera.

      The video will look at a description of the main physical resources required in the operation of Oxted School and how the IMPROVEMENTS have added to the quality of school life and the results that we have achieved. As resources are limited the school has to make decisions and prioritise where its money should be spent.  Should it issue everyone an ipad, how important is it that they upgrade the toilets.  Your script should as a minimum requirement include the main:


·    Buildings and facilities including Sports Hall, Main Hall, Eden Hall and Old Hall and the astro-turf and outdoor pool.
·    Consider how we deal with materials and waste
·    Plant and machinery such as boilers and heating, lifts, mini busses
·    Equipment including ICT suites and departmental computer rooms, reprographics and the follow me printing facility that can be retrieved from central collection points
·    Planned maintenance and refurbishment including sheds, public toilets
·    Emergency provision in the case of fire evacuation, bomb threats and terrorist attacks resulting in a lock down including alarms, meeting points and signage as well as the different fire fighting equiptment thta the school has installed.
·    Insurance - public liability cover, the extent of it and the costs to provide

You should also consider the security requirements for staff and sixth form
students, secure access points from the front and rear of school 
including car parks

Part 2  A description of the main technological resources required in the            operation of the organisation:

·    Are there any Intellectual property considerations with regard to unique school resources: exam board resources, software applications which requires license agreements 
·    Accumulated experience and skills - reception, library, site services and mechanical engineering.
·    Software licences for main IT network and how the PCs requiring certain software packages may be deployed and re-deployed e.g. Photoshop etc
·    A consideration of the website and the learning platforms that it incorporates such as FROG, My Maths, Weekly bulletins and newsletters

Examples of previous learners work can be seen here and here

For M1 you need to EXPLAIN how the management of human, physical
and technological resources can improve the performance of a 
selected organisation - an example is shown here and here

Use examples of good management of the resources, timetabling, room allocation and booking system, departments all allocated in the same area or building, department and faculty bases,  faculty IT resource areas, refurbishment of toilets and child protection requirements of open planned facilities and how that contributed to the 
success of the organisation. The organisation to investigate will be Oxted School.
Evidence submitted will be a video with both pairs contributing to the filmed content and editing of the captured images.  This video when edited should be approx 10 minutes long. A good approach would be:

1. Start by giving a definition of what each represents.  
2. Explain how this relates to Oxted School. 
3. How the management of these resources can improve the performance of Oxted School  

M1 Explain how the management of human and physical and technological resources can improve the performance of a selected organisation

Discuss how well these resources are managed and how good management of resources can improve the performance and efficiency of a business.  Most school need to make things last but making them last and still be effective is different to letting them become obsolete.  Sadly funding in schools does not always allow resources to be depreciated over five years like in most businesses.  How can this be a disadvantage.  How can some school have better facilities than others.  How does this play a part in a school being oversubscribes.  What resources do you think have been managed well.  What resources are sadly in need of some investment.  How can the school manage these resources better? What creative solution can they come up with to help support this?

D1 Evaluate how managing resources and controlling budget costs can improve the performance of a business

To meet the distinction criteria you should assess the relative merits of the methods of managing resources and to decide on how effective these methods are in improving the performance of the chosen business, Oxted School.

  • How much is outsourced and is this a profit share or management contract?
  • Is there a planned maintenance schedule for things like huts and outbuildings?
  • Is there a planned replacement schedule for minibuses or are these bought outright by the school and if so how are they funded?
  • How can the school source extra funding for capital expenditure such as the toilets?
  • How long can a school keep old IT equipment upgraded and whats the alternative for replacing this in the short and medium term.
  • Schools in Thai land ask Alumni to sponsor / provide budgets for new facilities and equipment.  Would that work here?
  • Private schools encourage parents and families to get involved and gift, donate and give up time to save on budgets so that the school,can use this as an additional resource to manage and maintain assets.  Could Oxted do more of this? Would families do more?
  • Oxted school has an annual sponsored walk to add some additional resources to existing equipment.  In the past minibuses, shelters have all been financed in this way.  Could Oxted School find more ways to fund resources that it requires and if so what would you suggest?
This was the first submission that we received on teh deadline date last Friday.  Click here 

Deadline date: P3 M1 D1  Friday 24th February 2017 

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