Wednesday 8 June 2016

Good morning Year 8 and welcome to Python Magic

Good morning Year 8

Well we have the best opportunity to learn a new language but this is not a modern foreign langauge this is the language that telss computers what to do.

Why Bovver?

Well there are not many people out in the big wild world who can do this.  Based on the supply and demand rules of economics if there are not many skilled people available the ones that are get paid an obscene amount of money.  

How much money would you like to earn a day, a week a month or a year?

So lets get a start on.  The links below might help get you excited:

  • Python for beginners click here
  • Welcome to Python click here
  • Learn Python in one hour see VLOG post below

I hope you enjoyed the first lesson

Good luck and do well

Mr T

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