Tuesday 24 February 2015

P1 – Describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector – organisation of the sector and size and structure of the secto

This is it Unit 29 the final unit of level 3 year 13

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·   Include a definition of retailing
·  Types of stores – online and physical stores
·  Competitive edge of click and brick businesses
·  What are emerging store types – shopping villages, Factory shops, teleshopping, winter markets (pop up seasonal huts biggest Christmas market currently in Manchester)
·  What is the future for the hybrid store i.e. coffee shops in bookshops, costa in tesco’s)
·   Classification of retailers – food stores, non food stores, textile, household goods, specialist stores
·  How does location impact on size and type of store – local, out of town retail parks, regional centres (rent and cost of land)
·   Explain the different ownership types – independent, multiples, voluntary chain, franchised retailers
·  What is the size and structure of the retail industry – size, trends in sales, profitability, store sizes.
   What does the term third places refer – lots of facts and figures here.
·  Do you discuss the employment characteristics of the retail sector i.e. percentage of part time and full time jobs available, total number of employees, gross weekly earnings
·  Did you include industry specific facts and figures to illustrate your points made i.e. graphs, tables.
·  Did you discuss current trends in the sector.  What are those businesses that are growing doing well.
· Did you consider real business examples and success stories from the sector.

How will you classify this retail business here

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