Monday 8 December 2014

Unit 25 IT Work Experience - what an opportunity

Dear all
congratulations on getting the previous unti complete before Christmas.

For those striving to get the merit and distinction tasks all completed you have to the 19th.

This week we will start unit 25 all about finding and securing a work placement in the IT Industry.

P1 requires you to ' Use job searching techniques to find at least three suitable job opportunities for IT work experience'.  Typical techniques include - ONLINE searches, searching in the local newspapers and printed press in Shop windows or noticeboards or writing speculative LETTERS to companies to see what opportunities you can create.
Obvious places to start looking could include:

Can I suggest fro P1 you find one job through each of the three methods and explain how you found it.  Don't forget to print screen the job vacancy into your piece of work

Good luck and enjoy

Deadline Wednesday 17th December 2014

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