Thursday 20 November 2014

P6 Learners need to explain TWO reasons why their portfolio is suitable for the intended audience and its purpose


In this piece of work I will explain the purpose of my portfolio and the intended audience that I designed it for.

The benefits to me of having a digital portfolio are.........

Why use a digital portfolio and what is it suitable for !

  • To secure a job interview with potential employers - How?
  • University applications can see what you have done!
  • Teachers can access your work without having to print it off
  • To share ideas and presentations with others
  • To share the content electronically (as a link) with others
  • Work can be posted to it before the lesson!
  • Makes you look more professional
  • All work is safe and secure on the cloud
  • To secure help with loans, applications and information advice and guidance
  • It allows anyone and everyone to see what you enjoy, are good at and like doing and this could also include your favorite music and quotes to inspire others
Q. Why is your portfolio SUITABLE for your intended AUDIENCE and PURPOSE?
Don't forget to talk about design, layout, content, assets

What I learned from doing this task?

For level, as a minimum, learners identify why their portfolio is fit for purpose, for example. "My portfolio is to be part of a job application, so I have included different projects that use lots of different skills and ideas to show everyone what I can do"

Deadline Wednesday 26th November 2014

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