Thursday 6 February 2014

P3/M1/D1 - Explain the benefits to the customer of a Business using Internet Marketing! Consider opportunities to compare and select providers, increased bargaining power, more comprehensive and up to date product information, lower costs via dynamic pricing (auctions), supply convenience (eg airline tickets, vouchers), immediacy (no travel), digtial complaints services, opportunities to pool customer experiences (chat rooms, discussion forums), no middle man, no sales pressure, easier to cancel, more leisure time, flexibility etc!
Remember the core text provides additional theory on pages 294 to 297.  P3 links and gives you access to M1 & D1. Additional resources to help get your head around P3 can be seen below so click on the links accordingly:

  • Internet marketing worksheet
  • Benefits to customers greater supply convenience worksheet
  • Benefits to customers - access to comprehensive information worksheet
Business examples to research might include airline ticketing, advanced rail ticket,,  and All these have one thing in common and that is that they will operate yield management pricing or dynamic pricing policies. Deadline date Wednesday 5th March 2014

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