Wednesday 25 September 2013

Planning a career not just enjoying your education - have the competitive edge

You should always start here if you are looking to apply for University this time next year.  Their website is 

Not everyone wants or needs to go to university but they do have to stay in education and training so why not start researching whats out their in terms of trades.  Start by clicking on 

Professional Associations
What professional association relates to your career, what is required for you to gain membership, how much does membership cost, what services are made available through this membership and what does your professional association provide in terms of ongoing training and development.

Trade Magazines and Newspapers
Each professional association will have their own publication and journal, which one relates to your chosen career?

Adviza at Oxford Spires Academy
Have you introduced yourself to the new team at OSA, made an appointment and ask how they can support the writing of your 'Career Development Plan' and choosing the right course for university.  They are in OSA on Wednesday's and Thursday's from September. 

Company career packs & graduate recruitment opportunities
Who are in the Times 100 list of graduate employers that you would consider working for? 

University Careers Services
Did you access any during your UCAS application process or do you still have to do this? and open days.  London Universities are holding them in October 2013 and most others will hold open days in July next year

Career and recruitment fairs
When are the next career fairs in Oxford, they usually have one in the City Hall and Oxford University, last year OEBP held a massive event at the Kassam.  Are these dates in your diary?

National Skills Academies
The previous government sent up National Skills Academies for each sector of industry. Is there one for you that could offer development opportunities?

Internships and work experience?
Most of you will be competing with graduates who have left university several years before you for employment.  What voluntary work or internship can you demonstrate you have completed when you go for that first job or university interview.

The list above is not exhaustive and I look forward to seeing other sources of information that you discover as you carry out your research so that you can share these with the class next week.

Kudos by Cascaid
This piece if nifty software may just get you thinking about a career if you done already have one in mind.  See Mr T for a USERNAME and PASSWORD..

Gap Year
If you haven't considered it already why not consider it now starting with this great website

Other resources include lots on this site to wet your appetite


Mr T

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