Tuesday 18 September 2012

P2 Be able to develop a personal career development plan

Good Afternoon year 13

Well for those ready for P2 this blog page is now ready for you.

You have already assessed your strengths and weaknesses in P1 but how well did you do it .  The link here may help make this even clearer.  In business we look at the SWOT analysis of an idea before we progress it.  Looking at your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you face once identified can be areas to develop.  You may find the following websites helpful to get yourself SWOTTING:


Next we need to consider what an appraisal process is. Can I suggest that you use the ACAS recommended approach as that's where complaints end up when employers get it wrong.

Companies develop their own approach to this and identify certain personality traits as important to develop such as those indicated in the link here

What do BMW do?
Managers are expected to interact regularly with their team members and this process is formalised through a performance management system called 'Portfolio'. Managers and employees review performance together annually covering the following areas:

•Review of performance against agreed objectives
•Establishing objectives for the forthcoming 12 months
•Identification of individual training and development needs
•Planning actions to build on strengths, address weaknesses and plan career development.

Ultimately the appraisal should lead to a career development plan.  
Follow the link here      Examples included here
A handy worksheet might come in useful to start identifying areas to develop here

Remember that the short term is classed as the rest of this year, the medium term is classed as
the next three years and the long term would be the next five years plus.  See example here
Think that will get you started on P2.      Other useful resources might include:

Careersoft         http://www.careers-gateway/ Careersof
Careers A-Z     http://www.careersa-z.co.uk/ Careers A-Z
Connexions       http://www.connexions-direct.com/ Connexions
Brilliant careers  www.channel4.com/brilliantcareers Brilliant Careers
Suport4learning  http://www.support4learning.org.uk/ Support4Learning

Don't feel restricted to use any of my templates if you find something that does a better job!

Good luck and enjoy


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