Tuesday 26 June 2012

Good afternoon Year 10

Don't forget that the Oxford Profile Key Facts 2010 document will provide you with lots of details on the local population and a map. (Appendix A)  The businessballs link will tell you what demographics are all about and the Government statistics site shows local populations in detail. (Appendix B) 

Next see if the business passes the tests and is fit and appropriate for the assignment

Now you should be in a position to see if you can identify the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES in your business.  Use the table here to find out if you know it well enough already ! If you dont you might need to identify a different business (then put a copy of this in appendix C)

Now let's talk planning.  "For every 5 minutes that you spend planning something you will save at least an hour doing something wrong" Its a fact so how much time have you got to waste ?

I've broken the planning down into the following sections to make it more crystal clear what you need to plan:

Rememeber you need an appendix for everything you do to take into the 'controlled assessment writitng session with you' so I have created one here for you to slot everything into.

Think this should keep you focussed for the lesson today - only 5 to go of which three have been allocated to your controlled assessment writing up !!!

And finally for those who are still stressing about the three REPORT writing sessions you have a choice of a REPORT template or powerpoint slides presentation identifying the things that you will need to type up during the three seperate sessions here

Good luck

Mr T

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