Friday 11 May 2012

P2 – Describe the purpose of a business setting aims and objectives - 16th May 2012

Good morning year 9

Year 11 leave in two weeks so then you get all my extra time and attention.  We have 8 weeks before the end of the year to get this level 2 qualification so make the most of every minute and you'll be starting the GCSE in September.

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As Omar is ready for P2 I have posted this page to support him and others that are ready to progress.

  •           Describe the purpose for a business in setting aims and objectives.  
  •        Explain how they communicate the long term visions or goals of a business.   
  •          What specific focus will the business and all their employees need i.e. break even,         growth, profit maximisation, survival, market share, sales, and service provision.     
  •         How can these objectives build relationships with other businesses?
  •       Are the equally important in government, private, public and not for profit or   charity sectors?
  •       What are the consequences to all the above in failing to meet these objectives?
I  have attached three worksheets below to support you and you have the core text pages 42 - 45
     Paired activities
      Short or long

P2 – Describe the Purpose of a business setting aims and objectives -  16th May 2012 
Mr T

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