Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Learners Toolkit

for those who might wish to spend some time here developing your learning to learn skills I have attached a few lessons that you can do independently under the following headings:

  • The HABITS of emotional intelligence (and developing them)

lesson 1   Understanding emotional intelligence
lesson 2   Test your EQ
lesson 3   Get to know your best friend YOU
lesson 4   Its my Life
lesson 5   Goals for life
lesson 6   Build your confidence
lesson 7   Be your own life coach
lesson 8   Mind power & self belief
lesson 9   Persistence and Resilience
lesson10  Mood Control
lesson 11 Optimism
lesson 12 Taking care of mind and body
lesson 13 Stress Management 
lesson 14 Thinking skills
lesson 15 Asking the right questions
lesson 16 Mastering your memory
lesson 17 Train your brain to wait
lesson 18 Having courage to think in different ways
lesson 19 Grow your confidence and courage
lesson 20 Courage to be brave
lesson 21 Empathy
lesson 22 Communicate and co-operate for success
lesson 23 Prioritise & Plan
lesson 24 Review the habits of EQ
lesson 25 What have you learnt about EQ 

  • Lessons in learning to learn (creating independent learners)

  • Instilling values for success in life

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