Friday 20 September 2013

P3 Developing my mindset and skills for business

Good Morning year 12

Task 3 for Unit 1
To achieve this task you will be required o conduct a skills audit and self identify areas for
improvement.  By conducting a skills audit of yourself you will be able to identify the key areas 
of improvement to be effective in the main business activities.

To do this you can use one of two self assessment models:
1. GROW, Goal, Reality, Options, Will & Way forward this will allow you to review past 
experience e.g. work experience, education, training, psychometric testing, personal SWOT 
analysis, using feedback from others i.e. Appraisals, developing your critical approach to self 
assessment and setting goals or alternatively complete;

2.This 'skills audit'

3. Once you have done this then consider putting your training plan together for P4.
Once you have this completed you can attach your 'training plan' of things you would like to do 
to turn your weaknesses in to strengths !

● Deadline date Wednesday 25th September 2013 

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