Tuesday 29 November 2011

Choosing the right location for any start up business

Learning Outcome
By the end of this session you should know the factors influencing start up location decisions

Main Task
  1. Using the raft of resources available to you in B4 you will create a one page article (less than 500 words) using the writing frame below to explain to Wahid and Aadi where they should locate their new business venture for the trial period leading up to Christmas within Oxford Spires Academy.  Your report should include the following:
  2. Introduction - Why is choosing the right location important? followed by
  • factors influencing the start up location to include:
  • potential locations, 
  • competitors, 
  • availability of supplies and storage, 
  • availability and cost of labour
  • transport links for deliveries and collection
  • technology 
  • costs 
AQA Business Studies core text pgs 29-32
or the e-resources that you have now started using online by clicking the link below:

  • why not try clicking on the link above and do the activities related to the e-book based on running a business from home - pg 56-57
  • running a business on an industrial estate pg 58-59
So you think your a 'start up location' expert why not test yourself here to see worksheet

Revision notes for 'key term test two' business organisations.  This will provide you with the mark for assessment point one which will be submitted on Thursday before I go home
Set 29th Nov 2011 Due to be tested 1st December 2011

Extension exercises
Location of a growing business - click here
Locating overseas - click here

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