Tuesday 11 October 2011

Should organ doners be offered funeral expenses ?

Good morning year 12

Todays topical question in the news today was used as a starter for the BTEC unit 3 Intro to Marketing and to test if they regular get a daily HOT NEWS fix.

The had 10 minutes in groups randomly chosen to plan and present their ideas on how they would use marketing to increase numbers on the 'Organ Donor' register. The ten minute challenge required them to quickly understand how the service works currently i.e. free on death and managed throught the the NHS and paid for by the Governement. 

They then had to identify their MARKETING OBJECTIVES, a TARGET MARKET, identify any changes to the existing doner card through their BRANDING activities, identify a PROMOTION that would catch peoples attention and suggest how their MARKETING APPROACH might need to change significantly for their PROMOTION to have the biggest impact and encourage more people to give the biggest gift of all, life.

This activity also linked in well with their PLTS development where they are encouraged to track their PROFILE over the six assessment points throughout the year to see if their is any correlation between their performance and their results.

Click here to see the report that was being considered by the Government today.

They did well and enjoyed the active learning opportunity which brought their knowledge and understanding of MARKETING to life !

Mr T

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