Tuesday 1 March 2011

The HSBC Young Enterprise Innovation Awards 2011

Hi Team Inspire,
Carrieanne has created you a template for the Company Report that you need to submit by the 18th March 2011.  She has amazingly created this on Google Docs, so that you can all work on it at the same time.  How clever is she ?  Thids needs to be no more than 10 pages and in the size 12 font that she has created it in.  It is basically a checklst and writing frame all in one and I would ask that the Directors take a section apropraite to the functional area that they have managed.  Sharmin will then look at the overview, introduction and the areas of development for the team and its individuals.  Good luck and well done we are on the home stretch.  All best wishes for the final furlong.  Oh I've also attached the March Newsletter and competition Hot Tips from YE. 
Their presentation for the final on the 29th has also been developed following the feedback from our mentors.  If thats not enough our Carrieannea has created a PREZI presentation to bounce of the trade stand which looks awsome.  Well done team inspire you are relentless.
Best wishes and lots of luck Mr T

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